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It's Cherry season!

We are in full cherry season. Come to Fundão, the Portuguese cherry capital, and taste the best cherries in the privileged "terroir" of Quinta da Porta.
Enjoy and discover the charming historical villages in our surroundings.

Come and visit the orchards!

If you prefer, place your order at the
Quinta da Porta online store and receive the fruit at your home, just 24 hours after picking. Very fresh!

Quinta da Porta

For 600 years in the heart of Beira Baixa,

Quinta da Porta has kept alive the tradition of country life.







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Orchard Visits

The visits to the cherry trees and peach trees in blossom at Quinta da Porta allow you to tour the orchards in their most dazzling season.

From May to September, at Quinta da Porta, you can participate in the cherry and peach harvest, while experiencing the incomparable flavour of freshly picked fruit.

These are unique experiences, full of color, flavour and joy.

Historic Gardens

The Historic Gardens of Quinta da Porta climb in terraces at the foot of the Serra da Gardunha and are marked by bucolic corners and sculptural elements in granite, such as stairs, water fountains, walls, benches, a belvedere and a chapel of Templar origin.

A visit to the Historic Gardens of Quinta da Porta is an unforgettable journey through History and Nature in all its charm.

Tours and hikes

Quinta da Porta is an excellent starting point for lovers of walks and hikes in nature, as well as mountain biking routes.

Alternatively, you can just stroll along the paths and trails of the beautiful plateau of Beira and enjoy its natural beauty, observing the changing landscape and the various species of fauna and flora that exist there.

Knowledges and flavors

Flavors of Beira Baixa

The world has changed a lot, but one thing hasn't: our taste for the unique and authentic flavors of our Beira-Baixa region.

From cheeses to wines, jams and sausages, with all the flavor that only artisanal production can offer.

Come visit us and taste all these flavours at Loja da Quinta and receive everything at your home.

Handmade Olive Oil Soap

Our olive oil soap is entirely natural and handmade. This is how soap used to be made here on the Quinta.

The handmade production of olive oil soap was an old tradition in Beira-Baixa and it was this method that we recovered in order to offer you a soap that is skin and environmentally friendly, made with the products of our land.

Fundão Cherries

Who has already tasted a good cherry from Fundão knows that there is no comparison, but have you ever tasted a fresh and freshly picked cherry?

We want to offer you this small privilege of tasting our freshly picked fruit, so that you can enjoy all the flavour, aroma and freshness of the fruit picked in its optimal state of ripeness!