Located in the southern slope of the Serra da Gardunha, going down from its fringes to the Beira Baixa plateau, Quinta da Porta gathers particular edaphoclimatic conditions, which enable the production of the famous Fundão cherries.

At an average altitude of 600m, Quinta da Porta extends over a total area of about 100 hectares, where cherries and peaches are grown. It is characterized by slopes and low areas of granite soil and a Mediterranean climate, with very cold winters and very hot and dry summers. These conditions are ideal for the production of excellent quality stone fruits.


From cherry blossoms to fruit picking

Visits to the cherry blossoms and peach blossoms of Quinta da Porta allow you to tour the orchards in their most dazzling season and walk under the blossoms of over 35 thousand trees. An involving and unforgettable experience.

From May to September at Quinta da Porta visitors can also participate in the cherry and peach picking and learn the special techniques of traditional picking, while experiencing the incomparable flavour of freshly picked fruit.

These are unique experiences, full of color, flavour and joy.

We believe in quality

The commitment to quality is something that defines the identity of Quinta da Porta.

We are periodically audited by Kiwa Sativa and we produce in Integrated Production mode.

In 2021 we started a new project: the conversion of some cherry orchards in MPB with a view to certification in Organic Farming!