Tours and hikes

Quinta da Porta, located at the foot of one of the most beautiful mountains in Portugal - the Gardunha - is an excellent starting point for lovers of nature walks and mountain biking.


On foot, by mountain bike or by car, you can start from Quinta da Porta to discover the Routes of Serra da Gardunha (integrated in the Rede Natura 2000 natural reserve and in the Geopark Naturtejo) that, currently, already total several hundred kilometers of paths and trails, trail and mountain bike routes.

Highlight for Rota da Cereja, which runs through various villages in our municipality of Fundão, where the whole landscape is dominated by the terraces of cherry trees that are beautiful at the time of flowering.


Snow is excellent for the balance of the cherry trees, and whenever it snows, here at the Quinta it's a party!

In the winter months a visit to our neighbouring Serra da Estrela is always a very appealing program.

On a quieter note, you can simply explore the nearly 100 hectares of the Quinta, passing through areas of cherry and peach orchards, under more than 35 thousand trees, in a particularly appealing experience during the blooming season, when the landscape is transformed into a real garden in shades of white and pink; or at fruit picking time, tasting and participating in the bustle and joy of life in the countryside.