Who we are

Deeply rooted in Fundão, Quinta da Porta is the heir to a centuries-old history.

Recently, the family took on the purpose of starting the reconversion of the old orchards of the farm, adapting them to modern technologies and to demanding and environmentally sustainable agricultural production methods.

To the initial agricultural project, we have added another: the recovery of the old granite stone outbuildings of the manor house, converting them into tourism units. Here too we seek to preserve the authenticity of the historical heritage and to recover the manor tradition of life in the countryside.

This was, and still is, an enormous challenge. But it is a challenge that fills us with pride and motivates us, and everyone who works here, to keep on doing more and better.

It is in the fusion between the old and the modern that the essence of the Quinta da Porta project lies. The will to reconcile the tradition, the customs and the flavors of the old days, with modern quality and demands, defines the work that is done here.

And that is what our motto translates into: combining the most modern know-how with the old savoir faire!